What We're Good At.

MNP offers several key strategic levers that can help CIBC achieve its objectives while maintaining focus on vision and values. These offerings are innovative, responsive and focused on growth across all of your businesses. We have solutions that target the relationships you have with your clients, and their experience with CIBC. Our 60 years of experience has made us experts in our field, including:

  • Technology and Process Innovation
  • Protecting Assets and Reputation
  • Enhanced Performance Capabilities
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Sustainable Risk Management
  • Revenue Optimization

From our service offerings we have identified four key areas we feel can enhance CIBC’s operations, market performance and customer experience.

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Protect Critical Operations, Assets and Clients with Leading-Edge Cyber Security

As one of Canada’s largest and most experienced cyber security consulting teams, MNP can provide cyber support to CIBC in the following critical areas:

  • Integrate security solutions into new digital financial technologies
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Compliance audits
  • Maturity and threat analyses
  • Simulated cyber attack scenarios
  • Incident response plans

Sustainable Risk Management and Compliance Strategies to Support Growth and Achieve Strategic Goals

Our Enterprise Risk Services team assists organizations across Canada in developing risk intelligence strategies. Here’s where MNP can support CIBC's risk management initiatives and support market integrity:

  • ERM health checks
  • Governance benchmarking and best practices
  • Cultural change strategies
  • Strengthen mechanisms to cascade risk-informed decision-making
  • Risk assessments to support the effectiveness of your AML and CTF programs
  • Testing of internal controls over financial reporting
  • Testing of IT general controls and PCI compliance
  • Business continuity planning and implementation including emergency response and crisis communications plans

Invigorate Organizational and People Capabilities

We’re experienced in implementing effective change strategies, having created hundreds of transformation programs across the country. We can help you to navigate changing operating environments, accelerate performance and meet stakeholder expectations. Some of the capabilities MNP could bring to CIBC include:

  • Evaluation and governance reviews to strengthen performance at all levels
  • Enterprise-wide framework transformation
  • Strategic talent management and succession planning
  • Effective culture change strategies
  • High-performance organizational architecture
  • Performance management solutions to support accountability
  • Organizational reviews and designs to promote efficiency
  • Strategic workforce planning and talent management to drive profitability

Enhanced Sales and Marketing Structures for Optimized Revenue

Our unique approach to revenue generation has delivered results for clients across Canada. The following are examples of what we could offer CIBC:

  • Product benchmarking
  • Pricing optimization for greater market revenue and profitability
  • Customer segmentation redesign
  • Sales organizational transformation to enhance performance and service quality
  • Channel optimization and distribution redesign for product effectiveness
  • Incentive compensation programs to retain staff investments and mitigate risk