Canada’s Failing Tax Competitiveness

More Tax on Split Income


Private Corporations
Under Attack


Eddy Burello is an MNP Partner and Tax Specialist

Canada’s competitiveness is being challenged from our out-of-date approach to taxation and new worldwide pressures. Tax and trade uncertainty are changing how businesses think about their future in Canada. Recent US policies are effectively influencing decisions about where businesses want to earn future income.

At the same time, adverse tax impacts on Canadian businesses are being made in the name of fairness. Yet, these so-called “loopholes” are legitimate tax strategies that helped to maintain our economic competitiveness.

It is time for Canada to consider proper tax reform. We need to properly reassess the tax mix and we need to stop potential brain drain and resource drain to the U.S. and globally. Click a video to learn more.

U.S. Tax Reform Eroding Canadian Advantage


Reduced Passive Investment Income Benefits


Who is Really Being Taxed Here?