Integrated Business Performance

From general ledger (GL) management, reporting and financial oversight and everything in between, you need a digital strategy that reflects your interconnected world.

Real-time Insights

Get the business intelligence you need, when you need it.

Whether you need to review your monthly earnings forecast, determine the ROI of a recent marketing initiative or understand how current market conditions affect key performance indicators – you get all that information and more in one centralized and intuitive environment.

Coordinated and Efficient

Your business is more than the sum of its parts. From the biggest picture to the smallest detail, understand what makes your business tick.

Our Platform puts the pieces together to help you see how everything affects everything else – allowing you to make complex and critical decisions at lightning speed.

Targeted Business Advice

Work with your MNP Advisor to provide the insights you need.

Partnering with MNP, your dedicated business advisor can help you develop effective strategies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve short- and long-term performance and profitability.

Managed IT Services

Make your technology work for you, not the other way around.

Enjoy the benefits of your technology investment without the headaches. By managing your IT infrastructure – including your hardware, Office 365 productivity tools and our platform – MNP allows you to focus on the strategic and tactical activities that move the needle.

Reporting and Analytics

Create dynamic and comprehensive reports and key performance indicators with input and guidance from your MNP advisor. Be confident every dollar, every activity and every single business investment contributes to your short- and long-term goals.

Cloud Accounting

Modernize how you conduct business by upgrading or replacing your legacy financial management system / General Ledger (GL). Leading cloud applications supported and serviced by your MNP Advisor provide you with a seamless user experience.

Customer Relationship Management

Create a rich database of customer leads and contacts. Deploy, manage and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. And compare outcomes with financial plans to determine next steps.

Business Advisory Services

Trust MNP to provide the advisory and stewardship services you need to innovate, secure new funding and drive organizational efficiency. Enjoy exclusive workshops and learning opportunities to improve business and financial outcomes.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Everything you need to prepare annual budgets, project your financial performance, scenario plan, compare outcomes versus expectations and track key performance indicators over time.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Receive Financial Management capabilities to track your business transaction – get everything you need to manage your business (general ledger, accounts payable, accounte receivable, etc.)

Outsourced IT

MNP will manage all your hardware and software needs – from setting up and maintaining installation to managing your Office 365 and cloud subscriptions and providing comprehensive reporting.