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Having the right insights is one thing – knowing what to do with them can transform your business.

As your partner and advisor, we want you to not only get the most out of your digital experience, but also your insights and your business. As a subscriber, you gain access to a growing catalogue of exclusive courses and education programs to help you maximize your data, recognize trends and capitalize on opportunities.

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We will continue to update these courses and add new ones based on your questions and feedback. Here’s a snapshot of what users are already learning:

The Changing Relationship Between You and Your Business Advisor

Cloud technology is rapidly shifting how you communicate and collaborate. With shifting roles and responsibilities, discover how to maximize your business advisor’s value as a strategic partner.

Active Monitoring and Support: Introduction to Managed Services

Forever change the way you look at your information technology. Learn how a managed service partnership can save you time and money by optimizing your IT investment and identifying potential issues before they impact your business.

Choosing the Right Performance Metrics for Your Business

Go beyond profit margins and expense ratios to understand the real performance indicators that are driving your business. We’ll show you how to quickly and effectively plan and monitor your business insights for maximum impact.

Beyond Digital Transformation: Funding Innovation

Do you know how to find the hidden capital in your business? Whether you might benefit from tax grants, specific claims or streamlining earnings efficiencies, we can help you unlock funds to maximize your technology investments.

Financial Planning and Analysis: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Arm yourself with proven techniques to effectively plan and measure your business’ financial future. We’ll show you how to anticipate change and create better outcomes, no matter the driver.

Sales and Marketing - Why It Matters More Than You Might Think

Your clients are everything to your business. You need to know how, where and why they’re engaged. See how an integrated customer resource manager can help you gain better visibility across your whole organization and ensure you’re always a step ahead.

Finance and Technology Modernization

Technology has positioned finance at the center of digital change – driving fiscal and operational effectiveness by transforming the approach companies take to everyday processes. We’ll review the evolution of core technology in business and how leaders rely on it to ensure accurate and timely insights.