What is Best Employers Survey Really About?

On July 15, MNP team members received an invite to participate in the annual Canada’s Best Employers Survey.

Your time and commitment to this survey — even after 11 consecutive awards — still holds a great deal of value for both you and the firm.

Our investment in the Best Employers survey has never been about earning a plaque or award. The value has always been the importance of gathering insights on team member experiences and understanding engagement to develop strategies used to design programs and policies that make our firm stronger. The data we receive from the survey is reviewed annualy in every region and action plans are created or tweaked to improve team member experiences.

Specifically, the survey feedback provides vital data related to:

Levels of Team Member Engagement

Team member engagement is an important measure of our culture, internal and external brand, fostering high-performance teams and, in turn, guides our leaders. Measuring changes in the level of engagement provides an annual check on our firm and allows us to evaluate and recommend new strategies. The data we receive from anonymous team member feedback and comments provide tens of thousands of data points to analyze and create feedback reports broken out by demographics, service lines, regions, geographies and more.

Organizational Culture

Our ability to get feedback on dimensions such as senior leadership, collaboration, empowerment and influence, firm practices, learning & development and team member basic needs give us a check on how we are living our values which shapes our firm’s culture. Past survey feedback reminds us to ensure that we are living up to our value that FUN is important through celebrating our successes and enhancing the quality and frequency of team member recognition. Each region reviews the survey feedback and develops action plans including items such as having town halls to discuss the results, discussing expectations of performance managers, having stay (instead of exit) interviews, setting up a FUN squad and starting a book club to develop leadership and communication skills. Many recognition programs across the firm encourage recognizing outstanding contributions in unique and fun ways such as loot bags and MNP bonus bucks.

Support for Innovation and Creativity

Our ability to score overall levels of things like support for new ideas, how quickly we invest in ideas, our level of support for employee learning and development each help to indicate our readiness and preparedness to manage the forces behind these changes. “Our profession is constantly changing, and we need to adapt to be the most relevant for our clients. Team members see every day what the trends are in the different industries, what challenges our clients are facing and what their future needs will be,” notes Lisa Wallace, Sr. VP of Human Capital. “We are adding in skill development components to some of our people management and leadership and client service courses to ensure that team members have the support they need in order to apply the knowledge they learn in these courses. All of this supports our ability to be agile with change.”

Best Employer recognition is a firm competitive advantage. Having a high level of team member engagement, a compelling employer brand, effective leadership, and a high-performance culture translates into a committed workforce that delivers stronger business results. Best Employers recognition and feedback also supports us in our talent attraction strategies as team members are more likely to want to work with a brand they feel emotionally connected to as one of the best.

So you should know that your feedback on this survey matters every year! Our annual participation rate in 2018 was a respectable 71 percent, but it also meant there were more than 1,000 team members whose opinions we could not capture. Let’s make 2019 even better!

What does it mean to be a Best Employer?

Organizations who score in the top one-third of the Canadian survey database achieve a Best Employer designation. There are also separate Best Employer designations for small- and medium-sized companies. The number of organizations named as Best Employer will vary from year to year based on how many participate.